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CARM® Course in Robbery Safety

CARM® Robbery Safety Training

If your staff are likely to be exposed to the risk of robbery you will want to ensure that they know and understand how to think and behave in a way that will ensure their safety and the safety of your customers.

To be sure, you may not be able to prevent armed thugs from getting away with your cash or valuables, but CARM ® Training's robbery program will drastically reduce the consequences of a robbery or the chances of a robbery turning into a homicide or, for that matter, a lawsuit against you for not adequately training your staff.

Don’t let a drama turn into a crisis. CARM ® Training’s Robbery Safety course is a competency based and assessed training program designed specifically for staff who may be exposed to the risk of robbery in the course of their employment.

In this remarkable, yet short, 4.5 hour program, staff learn how to utilize a proven and effective response model, encompassing both behavioural and cognitive responses of staff, which can be applied to enhance personal safety during a robbery in the workplace.

In short, everyone will know the best course of action aimed at coming out the other side of the ordeal unscathed.   


The program has four core modules:

1. Robbery the Reality

Introduces robbery and the workplace environment.

2. Human stress response

A simulation and debrief highlights the physical and psychological responses to stress.

3. Four Dimensions of Safety                

Personal safety skills:

remain calm

evaluate the situation

be non-threatening


4. Post incident recovery

Guidelines for post incident procedures and tips on how to recover.


Programs are contextualised to the industry and environment of the participant group.  If you would like to incorporate a session on Preventative measures and/or re-inforce your organisations specific policies and procedures relative to this threat, we would be delighted to assist you.


CARM Training's qualified Learning & Development personnel’s assessment includes observation of students applying practical robbery safety skills and completion of a quiz to test assimilation of critical information.

Demonstration of competence leads to the issuance of a Certificate for the "Course in Robbery Safety"  


Preparing your staff to cope in a robbery by providing professional training, means:

  • You enhance employer compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Legislation and Common Law obligations, providing protection in the event of lawsuits or investigations.
  • Contributing to reducing risk of injury — physical and psychological — to staff and, importantly, customers if a robbery occurs in the workplace.
  • Imparting vital skills to employees, which can help reduce the effects of stress which may be experienced in a robbery.
  • Using specialized and highly trained instructors guarantees the program is delivered in a professional and credible manner, capturing the attention of people taking the course and making the material memorable.
  • Robbery safety training records are professionally maintained in full compliance with a recognized and independently audited DEST Quality Training Framework (AQTF), which can be critical in the event of future litigation.

Find out more by emailing: contact@carmtraining.com


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